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Weekly Report for the week ended on 24/04/2010

K G Sahuji, Project Manager

  • Water transport DPR followup.
  • Heritage project followup
  • E- Governance followup
  • OGC – checking both roads.
  • Meeting Kerala Water authority.
  • Meeting GCDA.
  • LAO followup.
  • Office work.
  • SA Road & Edapally High Court Road followup.
  • Call KSEB.
  • ADB – NCRPR –Delhi
  • Visit – Presentation
  • Tender opening
  • KWA –TEC meeting
  • Drain site visit
  • NCRP Brahmapuram visit.
  • New Secretary – Meeting
  • Brahamapuram  - LSGDCE visit.
  • E- Governance Wipro & Secretary discussion.
  • GCDA payment followup.
  • Wipro e- governance meeting.
  • Mayo call.
  • Cusat discussion
  • Coordination Committee meeting
  • TSU/PIU/DSC2 meeting
  • PDP presentation.
  • Preparation for the 26/4/2010 presentation.

Jayasree V R, Technical Officer, Procurement, JnNURM

  • Site inspection Edapally High Court Road, measurement steel, concreting side walls and slabs.
  • Bills checking 3 colonies
  • Checked OGL from ch 4000-6000
  • Revised estimate of Pallichal & chullickal colony checked.
  • Reply to Audit Queries.

Santhosh A K, Public Health Engineer (JnNURM)

  • Letter Marymatha regarding work plan.
  • Reminder work plan.
  • Manapattiparambu CIF work site visit.
  • Letter DSC2 –dr-01 from PE.
  • Letter DSC2 –Marymatha red earth.
  • KCH-WS-01 evaluation report.
  • SA Bridge 7th grider pre stressing.
  • Manapathiparambu site visit withDSC2,Chairman and Councillor.
  • STP price bid opening.
  • KCH – WS-01 evaluation final to PD.
  • National Capital Resign Plannings Board(Third National Study Tour) Seminar at Councill Hall – 2pm.
  • SA Bridge 7th grider pressure srovtins Presentation.
  • Presentation of JnNURM review at ministers.

Sreedevi E M, Environment Officer (JnNURM)

  • Attended the SA Bridge prestressing
  • Checking of OGL calculation of SA Road from level field book.
  • Attended prebid meeting of SWM ,Kalamassery retendor.
  • Attended gtz meeting.
  • Preparation tender notification for SWM in Thrippunithura and to approval.
Rehmath P J, Technical Officer (WS&S)

SA Road

  • Inspected works in SA road
  • Joint measurements of the works were taken with representative of DSC-2 and contractor
  • Communication with Contractor & DSC – 2.
  • Rate analysis for extra items.

CIF Works

  • Checking of bills –2 works
  • Communication with DSC -2 and contractor
  • Site inspection.

Anu Sivaram, Technical Officer, Environment PIU KSUDP

  • Discussion with KAICO – Inspected tricycles to be distributed.
  • Conducted Trippunithura Municipality and received their council resolution which include the requirement of equipments & vehicles for Solid waste management activity.
  • Meeting with Thrikkakara Panchayath President
  • Discussion with standing committee chairman regarding tree sensing. Informed to hand over all the details will give KSUDP
  • Meeting with CUSAT –Inech  HOD regarding RDF inspection report.
  • Inspected the material –Bhupendra samples taken & handed over CUSAT polymer dept for analysis.
  • Discussion with HO for finalising the list of material to be procured.
  • Attended prebid meeting at 11.20 am – Kalamasserry.
  • Meeting National Capital Region Planning Board(NCRPB).
  • Attend workshop in Kerala chamber of commerce, conducted by Gtz in connection with Solid Waste management.
  • Conducted site visit along with NCRPB members.
  • Prepared bills too Bhupendra International.
  • Assisted for preparation of ppt.
  • Discussion with councillors for selecting locations for planting trees.
    Prepration of Project6 plan -
  • Conducted joint inspection at Brahmapuram for checking RDF machines along with Chief Engineer -Pollution Control board and Mechanical experts from CUSAT.
  • Follow up actions of the tender packages named “Procurement of Tricycle Rickshaw for Solid Waste Management”
  • Follow up action of the tender packages KCH-SW-P2-E4.
  • Prepared bills for the procurement packages and submitted.
  • Conducted discussion with Thrippunithara Municipality for tendering vehicles.
  • Retendered Kalamasserry SWM project “ Land development and civil works at existing landfill site”

V. Poonappan, Land Acquisition Officer

  • Mundenveli site inspection  
  • Vyttila office Ernakulam for taking the far value of land in which Pachalam ROB is going to be construct.
  • Went Piravam for obtaining consent from the in take well land owner as per the DLPC discussion and discussion date 18.03.2010.
  • Attended a meeting regarding the construction convened Cochin Port Trust conference hall at 10am.
  • As per the court direction I went to the eastern side of Manoramma Junction for convincing the land owner that the drainage is going to be construct in corporation land itself.
Biju M M, MFO
  • Discussed with W.Mayor regarding BSUP funds, contractors payment.
  • Discussion taken with Additional Secretary regarding Double Entry Accounting
  • Revenue – DCB matters etc.
  • Verified the CIF Bills.
  • TDS return work in progress.
  • Attended the performance Audit Query.
  • Discussion taken with SDO newly joined – Explain about the project and SDO’s duties and responsibility.
  • Letter prepared for BSUP projects for fund on behalf of W. Mayor.
  • Settled and forwarded KCWWF up to 20.04.10.
  • Attended the Pre Bid opening meeting for Water Supply Projects under KSUDP.
  • Discussion taken with W Mayor Secretary Corporation of Cochin regarding BSUP Projects – Fund utilization, ULB share etc.
  • Fund request and Financial details etc forwarded to PMU for JnNURM Projects.
  • Attended the meeting at Council Hall.
  • Attended the Performance Audit Queries.
  • Attended Bank .Guarantee updation work.
  • Letter prepared and forwarded to Bank for the charge of signal works with G.O copy and signature of Secretary.
  • Letter forwarded to contractor for renewal of performance Bank Guarantee.
  • Created account in Tally Package for JnNURM e-Governance Project and started Accounting Entries.
  • Discussion taken with P.D and Financial expert regarding JnNURM surface Water, Drainage – Fund mobilization.
  • Attended the meeting with state performance Auditors regarding the details of SWM project under JnNURM..
  • Visited Banks regarding BSUP Beneficiary Loan and and during of signature.
  • Visited Accounts Dept discussion taken with Core Team , Accounts Officer those who newly joined regarding Bank accounts, Double Entry Accounting, Financial Reports etc.
  • Letter prepared for fund regarding for BSUP projects to Principal Secretary LSGD for Mayor.
  • Discussion taken with performance Auditors.
  • Bank Guarantee – Renewal Letter issued.
  • R.A. Bill prepared for p2- E4 SWM package.
  • Issued deduction certificate to Contractors.
  • TDS – Quarterly - Return work for KSUDP & JnNURM in process.
  • Loan arrangement to BSUP performance.
  • Prepared project expenses with percentage statement for presentation.
  • Attended performance Audit Query.
  • Attended the office mangers duty.
  • Letter for CIF additional fund required prepared forwarded to PMU.
  • Land Acquisition officers extention letter forwarded to PMU.
  • Form No. 264-404 by 2010-11 prepared for KSUDP in connection with TDS return.
  • Verified the CIF Bills and prepared for payment.
  • Petty cash Account –recouped. Data Entry made in Tally software.

Vani C, Accounts Manager      

  • Assisted MFO in his work
  • Prepared proceedings for the vouchers.
  • Verified & and compared the quantities in the R A bill with those of  M.Book and calculations have checked arithmetically for the CIF work
  • Written Cheque issue register for KSUDP/JnNURM.
  • Maintained and updated the Stock Register for Cheque book of KSUDP/JnNURM.
  • Processed the file and vouchers for BSUP Payments
  • Maintained the Stock Register
  • Processed the file and voucher for Statutory Deductions.
  • Verified and put up the Payment vouchers and file for sanction.
  • Entries made in accounting book.
  • Letter Drafted to the Revenue section in connection with the service tax penalty
  • Prepared Cheques for various payments.
  • Verified the bill and processed the file and voucher for the advertisement in Mathrubhoomi and Deshabhimani.
  • Filled up the Challan for TDS and submitted to bank.

Sajeev M L, MIS/IT Officer

  • Weekly report of URT Published in site.
  • Photo Album of Edapally High Court Road works published in site.
  • Notification for setting up of BSUP-PIU published in site.
  • Made arrangement for site visit for GIS export of TSU.
  • Assisted convener – CCM for PDt conversion.
  • Prepared presentation for National Capital Region Planning Board Third National Study Tour team.
  • Processing of Heritage and Tourism project.
  • Contacted CDS and make arrangement for the NCRPB presentation regarding Kudumbasree activities.
  • Attended the Coordination committee meeting.
  • Discussion with AUTODCR officers regarding BPAMS.
  • Preparation of presentation for Ministers meeting.
  • Designing of notice for Water Supply Inauguration.

Chithra V R, SDO

  • Met Mayor, Deputy mayor and all the standing committee chairman for introducing myself as SDO.
  • Charge taken from IT officer.
  • Study of PAM report.
  • Discussion with PM and IT officer .
  • Meeting – National Capital Region Planning Board at Council hall.
  • Participated in Gtz’s training.
  • Programme at chamber of  commerce and industries hall(one day programme).
  • Discussion with welfare standing committee chairman for action plan.
  • Verified old files  coming under SDO.
  • Meeting – Mayor & Deputy Mayor for action plan preparation 2010-2012.
  • Prepared draft Action plan.


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